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Sinkhole nearly swallows pickup truck in Paphos

Reports point to water erosion caused by pipeline from dam known for its contentious name


A large sinkhole swallowed a pickup truck in a rural area of Paphos on Tuesday, with reports pointing to water erosion caused by a pipeline months after a historic overflow at the country’s fourth largest dam.

Local media said a pickup truck fell into a sinkhole on Tuesday on a dirt road near Agia Varvara, Paphos district, with a video online later showing a single cab submerged in water and mud.

A pothole app called Fix Cyprus was launched this week, allowing citizens to report problems to authorities

The sinkhole was estimated to be about 10 meters long, with media speculating it was caused by erosion from a pipeline that passes through the exact location.

In March 2022 overflow was reported at the Asprogia dam, colloquially known as Asprogia-Kannaviou due to an unresolved name war in the area, with additonal overflow or near-overflow incidents recorded over the years.

Reports said the driver of the vehicle was not injured when the ground gave way.

A pothole app called Fix Cyprus, a program sponsored by the state, became available to the public this week, allowing citizens to notify authorities of problems regarding utilities, potholes, and safety concerns among other issues.

The application can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices.

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