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Official criticizes foolhardy drivers after river rescue

Fire Department spokesperson takes to Twitter to warn daredevils against driving through rushing waters


The spokesperson for the Fire Department has singled out a young man who had to be rescued on Monday, criticizing his foolhardy attempt to drive through a river in Larnaca.

Emergency rescuers in Larnaca district pulled to safety a young male driver on Monday afternoon, after his jeep was trapped in the rushing waters of Tremithos River in Larnaca district.

'Pay attention to our warnings already! That’s not being a tough guy'

Reports said the man attempted to cross the river with his vehicle. As he was driving through rushing waters, his jeep was swept away some 300 meters and ended up at the spot where he was eventually rescued.

After the incident, Fire Department spokesperson Andreas Kettis took to Twitter to give an update on the incautious man’s adventure, saying “fortunately everything is okay,” and thanking members of the Larnaca firehouse.

But Kettis also had some words of criticism for the unwise.

“Pay attention to our warnings already! That’s not being a tough guy,” he wrote.

Police on Tuesday morning said there were no particular areas of concern within the road network but warned drivers that only cars equipped with anti-skid chains or four-wheel drive systems could access the mountain roads to Troodos from Karvouna, Platres, and Prodromos, citing slippery conditions.

The warning also alerted drivers on highways and secondary roads to slow down, keep safe stopping distances.

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