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Six arrested in fake marriage investigation

Nicosia police investigate 13 cases of suspected marriage fraud after discovering job letters believed to be fake


Police are investigating suspected marriage fraud following multiple arrests in Nicosia in connection with alleged fake employment contracts.

Two foreign nationals, a 25-year-old Bangladeshi man and a 27-year-old Romanian woman, were detained for questioning on Monday in connection with an ongoing investigation into suspected fake marriages.

This week’s arrest warrants appeared to be linked to previous arrests last week and over the weekend, where three foreign nationals and a Greek Cypriot were detained on multiple charges related to fraud.

A total of 27 people are being investigated based on information that fake job letters were presented as supporting marriage documents at a specific municipality office in Nicosia

Police say they are investigating possible evidence against 27 people based on information that fake labour contracts were presented as supporting documents for marriage at a specific municipality office in Nicosia.

A Greek Cypriot suspect and two others, aged 47, 24, and 19, were arrested last Thursday, while another 33-year-old female was detained on Saturday, facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit a felony, misrepresentation, and document forgery.

Following the initial arrests, investigators said they found 13 cases of suspected marriage fraud all taking place at a specific municipal office in Nicosia district.

The case involves allegations of marriage fraud between foreign men of third countries and European women, after police suspected that documents found in 13 files included fake employment letters used for registration purposes.

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