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30 September, 2022
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Slight chance of rain as temperatures rise

Mix of strong winds and rays of sunshine in Cyprus’ skyscape as clouds recede


A high pressure system has moved into the area over Cyprus with temperatures on a gradual rise for the rest of the week and through the weekend along with low chances of light rain.

Thursday skies initially will be partly cloudy with low chances of rain, including possible sleet in the mountains, but conditions will become mostly clear.

Strong winds are expected in the daytime when temperature highs will reach 13 degrees Celsius inland, 15 along the coast, while it will be 3 high up in the mountains where there are chances of frost forming in leeward areas.

Evening skies will remain mostly clear with temperature minimums registering 3 degrees inland, 6 along the coast, and one below zero (-1) higher up where frost is expected to form overnight.

Rising temperatures over the next few days are expected to reach normal levels for this time of the year, while Friday and weekend weather will be mostly clear but with periods of scattered clouds.

Mix of strong winds and rays of sunshine in Cyprus’ skyscape as clouds recede, rising temperatures to reach normal levels by weekend

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