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Snow melts fast in rare white Christmas tease

Short-lived snow and strong winds come and go in Cyprus as temps rise through year’s final week


A rare white Christmas captured on video Monday morning lasted only hours in Cyprus, with snowflakes in Troodos mountains melting in the daytime while cold temperatures and strong winds stuck around through the evening.

Light snow was captured on video high up in Troodos Mountains on Monday morning, a day after Christmas, with Kitas Weather broadcasting a live video from the Jubilee Hotel.

Hours later the one inch of snow that had accumulated overnight had melted away by the late afternoon except some spots at the highest peaks of Mount Olympos.

“Sporadic and light snow are at an end, starting tomorrow increased sunshine, lighter winds, and rising temperatures,” Kitas wrote.


But strong winds were still affecting the island on Monday early in the evening, combined with cold temperatures and a lower wind chill factor.

Kitas said gusts would lose strength later in the evening.

Tuesday skies are expected to be mostly clear as temperatures will be on the rise, with Kitas forecasting uneventful days ahead except some chances of rain on Thursday and possibly Friday.

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