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Spain donates more vultures to Cyprus in an attempt to repopulate the species

The country had donated 25 Griffon vultures last year in an attempt to repopulate the hundreds of vultures in Cyprus killed by poison

Source: CNA

A total of 15 vultures were recently released into the wild in an attempt to save the species, which is in danger of extinction due to poisoned baits.

Eight of them were released on Wednesday while seven others were released last week, Bird Life Cyprus coordinator Melpo Apostolidou said yesterday.

The vultures are a donation from the Spanish government, while another 15 are expected to arrive in November, she added.

Apostolidou said that the vulture population is threatened with extinction in Cyprus due to poisoned baits and noted the need to strengthen their population since only eight vultures are recorded on the island.

"So, it is important to strengthen their number and reduce the use of poisoned baits in the countryside," she noted.

The vultures have been fitted with a GPS device that records their position while trained dogs can detect poisoned baits, which are immediately removed.

You can read more about the conservation program at

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