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Spike in transformer thefts plagues Electricity Authority

Increasing incidents in recent months pose threats to safety and disrupt power supply

Panagiotis Euripides

There has been a surge in incidents involving the theft of equipment and other assets from the electricity distribution network of EAC, with cases of stolen transformers exceeding sixty in recent months.

Christina Papadopoulou, EAC's Press Spokesperson, addressed the issue, explaining that the stolen transformers are mounted on poles high up in the overhead network. She added that the culprits don't climb the poles but instead knock them down and uproot the piles, causing significant damage. Papadopoulou also highlighted that these actions lead to disruptions in electricity supply to the surrounding areas.

Ms. Papadopoulou emphasized the danger associated with these thefts, pointing out the risk of electrocution for the perpetrators or passersby. Cutting the neutral network also poses a threat to household electrical appliances.

Discussing the recent incidents, EAC's spokeswoman reported transformer thefts in Mathiatis and Kokkinotrimithia on Christmas Day, resulting in a power outage in the Latsia area for four and a half hours.

When questioned about the motive behind stealing transformers and other EAC equipment, Ms. Papadopoulou clarified that the thefts occurred due to the value of its copper and aluminum content. The perpetrators also dismantle aluminum doors from substations and target large residences and hotels.

In terms of addressing the issue, the Press Spokesperson of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus acknowledged the nationwide occurrence of these incidents in isolated areas, making it challenging for competent authorities to address the problem comprehensively.

In conclusion, the EAC spokesperson urged the public to report any information by contacting 80006002.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and may have been edited for brevity]

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