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08 July, 2020
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Spotty storms in the afternoon

Increasing clouds, downwind fog, and thunderstorms all packed in one weekend


Weather officials say there is a chance of brief showers and even thunderstorms on Friday afternoon, mainly in the southeast, while maximum highs will reach upper 30’s around the capital.

A low pressure system continues to affect Cyprus, with Friday skies mostly clear after a clearing of foggy skies in the morning.

Increasing clouds between noon and afternoon are expected over local areas, mainly in the southeast, with chances of brief showers and possibly isolated thunderstorms. Late afternoon winds are expected to be very strong in the south and southwest.

Late afternoon winds are expected to be very strong in the south and southwest

Maximum highs are expected to reach 38° Celsius inland, around 32 in the south, north, and eastern shores, around 30 out west, while it will be 29 up in the mountains.

Evening weather is expected to remain mostly clear, with low cloud formations on and off over local areas. Thin fog accumulation is also expected in areas on the downwind side in the early morning hours.

Minimum lows will drop to 22 degrees inland and in the north, around 23 in all other coastal regions, while it will be around 17 in the mountains.

Saturday skies will be mostly clear throughout the day with afternoon clouds and chances of local showers or even thunderstorms in the mountains, some parts inland, and in the southeast. A slight drop in temperature is not expected to be noticeable. Similar weather pattern is also expected Sunday and Monday.

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