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State Department condemns Hezbollah's verbal attack on Cyprus

U.S. Spokesperson praises Cyprus for critical role in Gaza humanitarian aid


The State Department's spokesperson, Matthew Miller, expressed disbelief and condemnation on Thursday over Hezbollah's verbal attack on Cyprus. Responding to a question during a press briefing, Miller highlighted the significant humanitarian role Cyprus is playing in the region.

"Why Hezbollah would attack a country in the middle of that important humanitarian role it's playing, why they would launch this kind of verbal attack is just beyond me," Miller said.

He emphasized the positive outcomes of the recent meeting between U.S. and Cyprus foreign ministers, calling it "incredibly productive."

"The Secretary thanked the government of Cyprus for all the work that they have done to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza," Miller noted.

He further praised Cyprus for serving as a crucial staging area for delivering aid to Gaza, highlighting its importance in supporting and feeding innocent Palestinians.

Cyprus has been instrumental in aiding humanitarian efforts, providing essential support and resources to ensure that aid reaches those in need in Gaza. Miller's comments underscore the U.S. appreciation for Cyprus's contributions amid regional tensions and crises.

[With information from CNA]

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