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Parliament reduces traffic light violation fines

New law adjusts penalties based on offense location, aims to address public concerns over traffic cameras


Parliament unanimously passed a law reducing some out-of-court fines for traffic light violations, a measure largely prompted by the widespread use of traffic light cameras in cities.

The legislation, introduced by PPP MP Marinos Moushiouttas, adjusts fines based on where the vehicle stops in relation to the traffic light. Previously, a flat €300 fine was issued for failing to stop at a traffic light.

Under the new law, an €85 fine will be issued if a vehicle stops on a pedestrian crossing, while the €300 fine remains for vehicles that stop beyond the crossing or proceed into the intersection while the light is red. The existing €25 fine for not stopping before the stop line remains unchanged.

An amendment by Moushiouttas gives the executive branch time to update the system for implementing these changes, which will be enacted following a Cabinet decision.

Moushiouttas argued that the previous fines were disproportionate to the offenses and that the changes would be more equitable once the photo-certification system is updated.

Speaker Annita Demetriou emphasized the executive's responsibility to improve the law, while DISY Parliamentary Spokesman Nikos Tornaritis supported the measure, urging the Transport Minister to review the entire system to avoid overburdening citizens.

AKEL MP Valentinos Fakontis criticized the current system as a revenue-generating mechanism rather than a preventive measure against road collisions. He called for fines to be proportionate, considering the average salary of €900.

DIKO MPs Pavlos Mylonas and Panicos Leonidou expressed concerns over the affordability of fines for small and medium-sized citizens, advocating for a re-evaluation of the system by experts.

ELAM MP Sotiris Ioannou labeled the traffic camera system a "big fiasco," claiming it targets citizens for extra charges in areas with no accident history.

Limassol MP Andreas Themistocleous cited statistics showing a 41% increase in road collision deaths since the installation of traffic cameras, questioning their effectiveness.

The Minister of Transport will address the Transport Committee on June 27th to discuss further improvements.

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