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''State won't yield to blackmail on Larnaca port issue,'' says president

Progress and hurdles in Larnaca port and Marina projects


President Nikos Christodoulides emphasized on Tuesday that the state cannot be blackmailed by anyone, stating that efforts are underway to find a solution to the issue of the Larnaca port.

He further stated that the government's top priority is to enhance citizens' everyday lives by addressing challenges head-on.

During a visit to the "Yp/gou Tassos Markou" camp, where discussions regarding the port and marina projects in Larnaca, as well as the airport consortium, were held, the President highlighted these issues as high priorities for the government.

Regarding the airport issue, he mentioned ongoing discussions and negotiations, expressing confidence in a positive outcome. However, he noted unfavorable conditions at the port.

"The state cannot be blackmailed by anyone. We are in contact with the Mayor of Larnaca, striving to find a solution because we want this development of the port to proceed, and it will proceed, and we are trying to find a solution. Therefore, I do not consider the two issues to be related," he said.

Concerning the Natural Gas Terminal matter, he mentioned progress in land-based works and advancements concerning the ship and floating unit, but acknowledged an issue with the pier.

Yesterday, he reported having a two-hour meeting with the Minister of Energy, discussing the specific issue. He reiterated the government's commitment to tackling such challenges, which are daily occurrences, emphasizing that addressing them will improve the government's primary priority of enhancing citizens' daily lives.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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