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22 June, 2024
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Stormy shenanigans on the horizon

Buckle up, folks! Yellow warning for stormy vibes - hail, rain, and a dash of whimsy!


Hey there, weather adventurers! The Meteorological Service just hit us with a yellow warning – brace yourselves for some isolated strong storms, coming in hot and sporadic. We're talking rain dancing at over 35 millimeters per hour, and yes, hail might just crash the party.

Friday's forecast: The stormy tango begins

Low pressure is doing a little dance southeastward, ready to bring some drama to our island!

Today's vibes are mostly cloudy, with rain and stormy surprises kicking off in the west and north, spreading their charm across the entire island. Keep an eye out for hail – it might be nature's confetti! Winds playing the southeast to southwest tune, light to moderate, but beware, they might crank it up to 6 Beaufort in a storm, with sassy gusts. The sea's feeling a bit rowdy, especially in the west and north. Temperatures are turning up, hitting around 19 degrees in the interior, 21 on the coasts, and a cooler 9 degrees up in the mountains.

Tonight's forecast: Cloudy with a chance of thunder (and maybe snow!)

The weather's keeping us on our toes with scattered showers and a hint of thunder. High up in Troodos, we might even get a sprinkle of snow or sleet – winter is knocking on the door! Winds playing a gentle breeze, with the sea deciding to be a bit wild in the west and north. Temperatures taking a dip to around 12 degrees in the interior, 15 on the coasts, and a crisp 4 degrees up in the mountain peaks. Frost may join the night party up there!

Weekend sneak peek: Unpredictable fun ahead!

Saturday's forecast will be partly cloudy, with some surprise showers and maybe a quick thunder boogie, especially in the western half. Troodos might get a sprinkle of snow – winter's encore!

Sunday's twist...clear skies turning into a cloudy performance, teasing us with isolated rain, mostly in the mountains.

Monday's plot twist...Clouds making a guest appearance, bringing along isolated rain, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms later in the day, showing off in the west and north.

And here's the temperature drama...a slight dip on Saturday, but fear not – by Monday, we're rising again, dancing close to the average seasonal beat. So grab your umbrellas, cozy up, and enjoy the whimsical weather waltz ahead!

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