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Strovolos double murder suspect pleads not guilty

Prosecution backed into a corner as Tzionis pleads not guilty to all charges


The main suspect in the Strovolos double murder case has officially changed his plea on Monday, prior to a scheduled sentencing, making the work of the prosecutors more difficult as they relied on the testimonies of fellow suspects who also pleaded not guilty.

Loizos Tzionis, the 33-year-old main suspect who admitted back in June to seven charges including murder but denied one count of burglary, officially changed his plea to not guilty on all eight charges on Monday morning in a Nicosia courtroom. 

Prosecutors were going after Tzionis relying primarily on statements made by three other suspects in the case, his 21-year-old girlfriend Sara Siams, his 23-year-old half brother Lefteris Solomou, and another 22-year-old male, Marios Hadjixenofondos, who all pleaded not guilty from the beginning.

Prosecutors were going after Tzionis relying primarily on statements by three other suspects in the case as well as circumstantial evidence

The four suspects face multiple charges in connection with the murder of a married couple in Strovolos, 60-year-old Yiorgos Hadjigeorgiou and his 59-year-old wife Dina Sergiou, who were found savagely stabbed to death in the bedroom of their own home on April 18. Charges include premeditated and consipiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, burglary, breaking and entering, possession of unlawful weapons, among others.

The prosecution team is basing the case on circumstantial evidence, including DNA samples and other items linked to the main suspect. But the case has been on shaky ground since the beginning. 

Two objects with confirmed DNA belonging to the 33-year-old were found at the scene, although they have not been linked directly to the murders. The suspect also admitted that a pair of shoes without laces, which was found outside the couple’s house, did in fact belong to him but maintained he was being framed.

A new hearing has been scheduled for Monday, November 19.

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