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16 June, 2024
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Sunny spells and sneaky clouds

Balancing act of warmth across the region


Amidst the gentle influence of weak high pressure, today's meteorological narrative unfolds with a nuanced dance of clear and cloudy elements. In the initial hours, a majority of regions will wake up to the crisp clarity of a cloudless sky.

However, a discerning eye cast towards the west reveals the gradual emergence of clouds, weaving a picturesque contrast.

As the day progresses, the canvas of the sky transforms into a mosaic of partly cloudy patterns, particularly noticeable in the afternoon.

Winds, serving as conductors in this atmospheric symphony, will sweep predominantly from the southwest to northwest at a light to moderate intensity, measured between 3 to 4 Beaufort.

The sea, reflecting this delicate choreography, will transition from a state of calm to a gentle roughness.

Temperature-wise, the day will witness a gradient of warmth. Inland and along the southeast coast, thermometers will ascend to around 22 degrees.

The west and southwest coast will experience a slightly cooler 21 degrees, while the remainder of the coastal regions will bask in a warmer 23 degrees. In the elevated embrace of the mountains, temperatures will settle at a crisper 12 degrees.

As the sun sets, the meteorological narrative takes on an enchanting nocturnal character. The evening sky will unfold with a mixture of partly cloudy, cloudy, and mostly cloudy configurations.

Winds will shift their course to the northwest to northeast, maintaining a gentle 3 Beaufort breeze. The sea, echoing the atmospheric transitions, will continue its rhythm between calm and a subtle chop.

Temperature readings will mirror the nocturnal descent, dropping to approximately 10 degrees inland, 13 degrees on the coast, and a more frigid 6 degrees in the lofty mountainous terrain.

Looking ahead to Friday, the meteorological tale retains its complexity, showcasing a sky adorned with partially cloudy nuances.

Saturday introduces a predominantly clear backdrop, interrupted briefly by the emergence of clouds in the early afternoon. By Sunday, the atmospheric plot thickens with an increase in mainly high clouds.

Throughout this meteorological journey spanning three days, temperatures stand resilient, exhibiting minimal fluctuation and maintaining a consistent presence above average.

Nature's intricate choreography continues to unfold, offering us an invitation to observe and appreciate the nuanced beauty of our evolving weather. As this atmospheric story develops, stay tuned for further updates and insights into the captivating world above.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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