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Parisian nursery and school grapple with knife incidents

Assailant armed with a 15cm-long knife targets nursery director


In a disturbing turn of events, staff at a nursery in Creteil, a Parisian suburb, found themselves face-to-face with a knife-wielding man on Monday.

According to a report on Daily Mail, the assailant, armed with a 15cm-long knife, targeted the director of Les minis Kids creche, unleashing a torrent of threats involving rape and anti-Semitic remarks.

Prosecutors swiftly launched an investigation, categorizing the incident as a break-in and death threats rooted in race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.

The unnerving episode unfolded just hours after another unsettling event in Rennes, where a 12-year-old schoolgirl brandished a knife, echoing a reference to a prior extremist attack.

Philippe Astruc, the prosecutor, revealed that the young girl expressed intentions to carry out an attack akin to the one in Arras, which claimed the life of teacher Dominique Bernard in October. This disconcerting wave of violence follows the recent conviction of six teenagers involved in the 2020 beheading of Samuel Paty near Paris.

The disturbing incidents have left educators on edge, prompting solidarity actions like staff members refusing to work in support of the targeted teacher.

Minister Gabriel Attal visited the affected school, announcing disciplinary measures against responsible students. Sophie Venetitay, the secretary general of the Snes-FSU secondary school teachers' union, expressed concerns about the escalating threats, drawing parallels to the tragic murder of Samuel Paty.

The high school in Issou, where tensions are palpable, witnessed teachers exercising their right to stay away from classrooms, citing a "particularly difficult situation."

The educators described an alarming rise in violence, with students admitting to making false claims online. As the atmosphere intensifies, educators grapple with the challenges of maintaining a safe learning environment amid growing threats and hostility.

[With information sourced from Daily Mail]

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