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Suspected drug dealers on the run after car chase

Two men arrested in Nicosia, two more still on the run after broad daylight car chase in Paphos


Two suspects have been arrested while two more are wanted by police in connection with a cocaine bust that started with a car chase over the weekend.

According to media reports, police were tracking two suspected drug dealers in Paphos on Sunday morning when cops attempted to flag down a vehicle for inspection. The car sped away while the driver and his passenger, described as Greek Cypriots aged 40 and 44, were seen throwing items out the windows including one kilo of cocaine.

Paphos mayor has accused some police officers of being corrupt and in cahoots with drug lords in his town

The two suspects, who are known to authorities, managed to get away while Nicosia police later spotted the same vehicle in Dali where two younger men aged 22 and 25 were arrested on conspiracy charges.

Law enforcement officials believe the cocaine was taken to Paphos as part of a local drug deal. Arrest warrants have been issued for the two suspects in the car chase.

Paphos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos wrote on Facebook Sunday night about a “wild car chase” where suspects threw drugs out the window while being chased by cops.

Phedonos has been an outspoken critic of the police, criticizing officials for not stepping up efforts to combat illicit drugs in his town including schools. He also accused some police officers of being corrupt and in cahoots with local drug dealers.

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