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Limassol school evacuates after bomb threat

Another school ordered to be evacuated following a series of bomb threats in Cyprus


A school in Limassol was ordered to be evacuated on Monday morning following a bomb threat over the phone.

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According to police, a vocational state school in Limassol received a phone call on Monday around 9:15am that warned of a bomb threat. Law enforcement officers as well as members of the bomb squad rushed to the school, where a complete evacuation had been ordered.

Both students and staff were in a safe location during a police thorough search, which later found nothing out of place. Officials said the call was a prank by someone who used the phone booth outside the school, First Technical School, according to Kathimerini Cyprus.

Several other schools were evacuated last week following similar phone calls that later turned out to be hoaxes. And two weeks ago, multiple evacuations had been ordered in two shopping malls, a casino, and a flight that was just about ready to take off in Larnaca.

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