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Suspected Paphos arsonist released from custody

Suspect will face charges in a fire in Trachypedoulas, an area with previous arson arrests


A 58-year-old suspected arsonist, who was released from custody Tuesday, will still face charges in connection with a Monday fire in Trachypedoulas.

Police and fire fighters are baffled over the fire in Trachypedoulas, which burned a small area of great environmental value in just under an hour.

Seven fire engines from Paphos and Kelokadara village were joined by Game Service staff as well as Forestry Department officials, in an effort to put out the fire but also prevent further fires in the area due to strong winds.

Earlier reports said the fire was put out by 3pm, burning only some vegetation and shrubbery.

Fire Department officials believe the fire started from a gasoline-powered lawn mower, which was being used by workers who were cleaning the area.

Two fire department helicopters and a number of private tractors were also used in the operation.

This is not the first time that an arrest has been made in connection with a fire in Trachypedoulas under strong winds.

The Paphos District Court will hear the man’s case at a later date.


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