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Swedish media exposes Sizopoulos's tie to 'golden passports' scheme

The controversial deal that cleared a politician's debt


In a joint investigation, Göteborgs-Posten and OCCRP shed light on EPP President Marinos Sizopoulos's connection to the 'golden passports' scandal.

The report unveils how Iraqi businessman Mohammed Sadeq Ibrahim obtained EU citizenship in Cyprus through a questionable deal involving a struggling company and real estate.

Under Cyprus's criticized investment program, a 2-million-euro investment plus half a million euros for permanent residence allowed Ibrahim, his wife, and daughter to secure Cypriot passports.

Notably, this transaction relieved the politician of a substantial debt for which he was personally responsible.

Despite the scrutiny, Sizopoulos declined to address the allegations, stating, "it is not necessary to give you anything." The investigation reveals that the sale of Taxan Properties Developers Limited in 2017, leading to Ibrahim's Cypriot citizenship in 2018, didn't adhere to regulations. Discrepancies in documents and unused properties further raise questions.

Göteborgs-Posten highlights a halted embezzlement and fraud investigation in Cyprus, citing the politician's parliamentary immunity. Leaked documents suggest the possibility of fraudulent citizenship acquisition.

While Ibrahim claims legality, the investigation points to a murky deal with questionable compliance.

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