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Swiss arrivals set to hit 80,000, says Deputy Minister Koumis

Cyprus anticipates 20% increase in Swiss tourism

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus Deputy Minister for Tourism Costas Koumis has said that further increase in tourist arrivals from Switzerland is feasible with arrivals from the country in Cyprus estimated at 80,000 this year.

Koumis’ comments came following contacts with tourist officials in Zurich, Switzerland, from where arrivals in 2023 amounted to 73,000 marking an annual increase of 20%.

According to a press release issued by the Deputy Ministry, Koumis met with senior officials of local tourist organizations that carry out tourism programs in Cyprus, with whom he exchanged views concerning the Swiss market performance in Cyprus in 2023, the satisfaction rate of Swiss tourists, issues associated with special forms of tourism, as well as the air connectivity between the two countries ahead in 2024.

«The Swiss market is one that any country, any tourist destination, would like to have and aims to hold a high position among the countries composing the mix of its tourist flows,” Koumis said in a statement, pointing out that the Swiss tourists high per capita spending and tourist profile render the Swiss market “particularly interesting.”

As he added, taking into account the available air connectivity capacity “an increase (in tourist flows) compared with the previous year is logical.”

«Should this happen, we expect to reach 80,000 arrivals, which will constitute the best performance in the last twenty years as regards the Swiss market,” Koumis concluded.

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