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Switzerland hosts global peace summit for Ukraine

Zelensky eyes reconstruction with frozen assets


Ukraine's plea for peace resonated as Switzerland stepped forward to host a summit, according to a joint announcement by the presidents in Bern. While Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed openness to China's participation in the global peace summit, he made it clear that Russia wasn't a welcomed participant.

"We are open to all nations respecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity. The invitation list will reflect this," Zelensky stated during a press conference. Emphasizing the need for global solidarity against Russia's aggression, he expressed hope that the summit would provide momentum for meaningful discussions and a just resolution to the conflict.

The Swiss presidency, in a post-conference statement, affirmed its willingness to organize a peace summit upon the Ukrainian president's request. Swiss President Viola Amherd assured that preparations would commence immediately, though specifics regarding the location and timing remained undisclosed.

Zelensky's peace initiative, initially presented at the G20 meeting in November, outlines key objectives, including the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity, the withdrawal of Russian forces, and an end to hostilities. Since Russia's invasion in February 2022, Switzerland has maintained military neutrality but actively imposed international sanctions against Russia.

In addition to diplomatic efforts, Zelensky acknowledged Swiss humanitarian aid, particularly in the field of demilitarization. Two disarmament summits are scheduled for this year, aiming to address the complex challenges posed by the conflict.

Furthermore, Zelensky expressed hope that frozen Russian assets abroad would contribute to Ukraine's reconstruction. He emphasized that the freeze should serve as more than just a punitive measure, stating, "Those who initiated the war must bear the greatest cost."

As the diplomatic wheels set in motion, the world watches closely, anticipating the outcome of the proposed peace summit hosted by Switzerland and the potential for a significant step towards resolving the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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