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Tatar on Varosha: Public buildings may be opened in the coming days

The 'TRNC', he said 'is becoming a reality'

Source: CNA

Public and municipal buildings may be opened in Varosha in the next period, Ersin Tatar reiterated, claiming that their decision to open the enclosed area, which is no longer a ghost town and many tourists from Turkey and other countries definitely visit Varosha when they come to the occupied territories, was very correct.

As reported in the occupied territories, in his statements to the Turkish channel Ulusal, Tatar claimed that the Pseudo-State has gained a lot from this opening and the tourism prospects of Varosha are great, and from an economic point of view, the Pseudo-State has a lot to gain as well.

The "TRNC", he said, "is a reality".

Recognition of the pseudo-state is being discussed, he continued. "More consultation is needed on recognition. We tell the international community at every opportunity that the path we are on is the right one and that the Turkish Cypriot people deserve it after the genocides and persecutions they have gone through and never stopped resisting. We will continue on our path in cooperation with the Republic of Turkey," he further asserted.

On the Cyprus issue, he said that "there is no question of accepting to discuss the federation and becoming partners with the Cypriots, nor the withdrawal of the Turkish army and the abolition of Turkey's guarantees." He also reiterated the position on the existence of "two states" on the island and the acceptance of "sovereign equality and equal international status".

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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