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Taylor Swift's tour spreads goodwill to food banks

Economists explain how singer boosts US economy with donations on each stop

Source: Good News Network

Economists told CNN recently that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is becoming such a massive phenomenon that it’s having demonstrable impacts on the US economy at large, but it’s not only stadium venues, record labels, and ticket vendors benefiting.

Everywhere she goes, Swift is making big donations to US food banks allowing them to feed hundreds of thousands of needy Americans.

The Eras Tour kicked off in Arizona, where she presented a hefty check to the Arizona Food Bank Network big enough to fill tractor-trailers with 40,000 pounds of fresh produce, and reinforce benefit programs for children who rely on school meals and seniors who rely on food stamps.

Based on the homelessness burden in Washington state, estimated as the sixth-highest in the country as a percentage of population, the Seattle-based non-profit Food Lifeline likely received a similar size gift from Swift, though they declined, according to CNN, to state how much.

Food Lifeline said it too would be using the money for fresh produce rather than canned or packaged food.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley also received the Swift largesse, then Three Square Food Bank serving Las Vegas and southern Nevada, then Food Bank of the Rockies in Colorado.

“It is really meaningful to get a gift from someone who, like Taylor Swift, has the ability to bring so much attention to our cause and to the work that we’re doing,” Beth Martino, CEO of Three Square, told CNN.

April saw the tour arrive in Houston, where Swift donated to the Houston Food Bank.

“I’m just so glad (Swift) supports food banks, because the need is high, especially with inflation now,” Amy Ragan, the chief development officer for the charity, tells “Food banks are working hard every day. And you know, it’s been tough getting food donations at some points.”

Swift also gave each of the 50-member-strong trucking team that has done the heavy lifting and the late nights that make her show possible, a $100,000 ‘life-changing bonus, leaving them all shocked and humbled.

With Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana left on the US leg of the Eras Tour, there’s still room for more charity if there’s room in Swift’s wallet, since there’s no doubt there’s room in her heart.

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