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Technician crushed to death by heavy vehicle

Limassol man dies horrible death in heavy duty vehicle accident during repair work


A service technician was crushed to death by a heavy duty vehicle in Limassol on Tuesday, when a portable jack collapsed during repair work.

According to police, 31-year-old Andreas Panagi was working underneath a vehicle used for transporting skip containers at a repair shop in Ayios Sylas, an industrial park in Limassol’s Ypsonas area.

While Panagi was underneath the vehicle, around 5:15pm, a heavy duty jack collapsed according to officials, with the technician fatally injured and trapped underneath.

Fire fighters who rushed to the scene managed to pull Panagi out and an ambulance rushed him to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

Labour officials confirmed that a “jack collapsed” while Panagi, father of two, was underneath the vehicle, adding that “all scenarios including a possible malfunction of the hydraulic device will be investigated” the following day.

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