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'Test to stay' in schools temporary measure for now

According to the Minister of Education

Source: Announcements

A meeting was held today at the Ministry of Education to inform representatives of educational organizations POED, OELMEK and OLTEK and the organized parents of Primary and Secondary Education for the implementation of the test to stay in schools.  The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Education Mr. Prodromos Prodromou and the Minister of Health Mr. Michalis Hadjipandela.

Information on the implementation of the measure and clarifications were made by the head of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health Dr. Konstantinos Tsiotis, along with the Coordinator of the Population Control Program of the Ministry of Health Mrs. Karolina Stylianos.  The Director of Secondary General Education Mr. Kyprianos Louis and Director of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education and Training Mr. Elias Markatzis were also in attendance representing the Ministry of Education.

After the meeting, Mr. Prodromou in his statements to the journalists said: "As it was announced, a wide-ranging meeting took place just now with the Minister of Health Mr. Michalis Hadjipandelas, the head of the Scientific Advisory Group Mr. Konstantinos Tsiotis and with representatives of educational organizations and organized parents.

"The aim of the meeting was to listen to the concerns of parents and educational organizations and, furthermore, to obtain information as to how this will be implemented.  I would like to emphasize that the reason behind this 'test to stay' option was to give the opportunity to children, who are deemed close contacts of positive cases, to be able to stay in school provided that they continue to test negative for the virus.  This is a temporary measure in order to keep the schools open but safe."

According to Mr. Prodromou, details will be announced by the Ministry of Health tomorrow.

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