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The next three days are crucial for Emilianidou

The Labor Minister has remained in an induced coma following surgery after she sufferred a brain aneurysm Sunday night

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

Medical sources are talking about the next crucial three days regarding the state of health of the Minister of Labor Zeta Emilianidou who, after undergoing a long operation, remains in an induced coma in the private hospital "Hygeia" in Athens. Medical sources from the Greek capital were not able to determine the postoperative status of Ms. Emilianidou's health, something they will only be able to do after the first three days have passed. The official information coming from the Ministry of Health in Nicosia is also along these lines, whereby it states that the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance is in hospital and is in critical but stable condition, in an induced coma, after the long surgery she underwent in Athens.  According to earlier reports, Ms. Emilianidou was transported in the early hours of Monday morning by air ambulance to Greece and was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit due to severe subarachnoid hemorrhage after the rupture of a brain aneurysm. 

The consequences

Doctors are continuously monitoring Ms. Emilianidou's progress with caution.  But the question remains as to the effects it will have on her basic functions such as speech and movement.  According to medical sources, Ms. Emilianidou was not observed to have any functional issues when she was transferred to the American Heart emergency department in Nicosia, moreover, she also had not shown any problems until her arrival in Athens.

Nicos Anastasiadis said he was shocked

The President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiadis, appeared shocked after he learned about the circumstances surrounding the Labor Minister.  Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace on the sidelines of the appointment ceremony of a new member of the Supreme Court, he said that "I am being briefed on a regular basis regarding the progress of the Labor Minister in Athens. Yesterday, she was visited by the Deputy Minister of Welfare. I had an update this morning. The situation remains stable, but serious, which is considered encouraging. What I want to say is that I am really shocked by what happened to the Minister of Labor. She has been and will remain one of the closest, most effective associates I have had since taking the presidency. Creative, effective and completely dedicated to the work she undertook. I wish from the bottom of my soul that she will soon be with us again with the same determination that characterized her, as a result of the strong personality that she has ".

[This article was translated from its Greek original]


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