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Cyprus population up by 9.2% since 2011

Of the total population, 193,300 or 21.1% are foreigners

Source: CNA

The population in the government-controlled areas of Cyprus as of the 1st of October 2021 stands at 918,100, recording an increase of 9.2%, compared to the results of the Census of Population taken in 2011 which stood at 840,400, according to preliminary results published by the Statistical Service on Wednesday.

Of those, a proportion of 48.6% were males and 51.4% were females.

The proportion of persons aged 65+ was higher than the proportion of children less than 15 years, demonstrating that the population is aging.

The population's division by district shows that 351,600 persons reside in the Nicosia district, which constitutes 38% of the entire population. In the district of Limassol 258,900 people or 28% were recorded, in the district of Larnaca 154,200 or 17%, in the district of Pafos 101,900 or 11% and in Famagusta district 51,500 or 6%.

Compared to the 2011 Census, the Pafos district recorded the highest population increase with a percentage of 15.4%, followed by Famagusta with 10.5%. Limassol district recorded an increase of 10%, Larnaca district 7.7% and the district of Nicosia 7.5%.

The preliminary data show that 67.4% of the population are persons aged 15-64. The proportion of children below 15 was 15.9% and the proportion of persons aged 65+, 16.7%.

The proportion of persons aged 65+ was higher than the proportion of children less than 15 years, demonstrating that the population is aging. This tendency is also apparent in most European countries.

On the population's citizenship, the data show that the total number of foreign nationals amounts to 193,300 and corresponds to 21.1% of the total population. Pafos has the highest proportion of foreigners in relation to its total population, accounting for 38%. In the district of Limassol a percentage of 20.5% are foreign nationals and in Larnaca 18.9%. In the districts of Famagusta and Nicosia, 18.6% and 17.9% respectively of the population are foreign nationals.

The average household size presents a gradual decrease, reaching 2.6 persons per household in 2021, compared to 4 persons which was recorded in the Census of 1976, 3.2 persons in the Census of 1992 and 2.8 persons in the last Census of 2011. At the district level, the highest average household size is recorded in the district of Famagusta and the smallest household size in Pafos.

The Statistical Service stated that it will be able to provide more detailed tables at a later stage. The data that will be produced will be announced and published on the website of the Statistical Service.

CyStat expresses its sincere appreciation to all citizens for providing the required information and would like to assure that all data recorded in the questionnaires as well as the information processed from administrative sources, will be treated as confidential and will be used solely for statistical purposes.


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