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The state donated almost 7 million euros to parties

Sponsorships and donations by the State in 2021 have been made public by Cyprus' General Accounting Office

Panayiotis Rougalas

Panayiotis Rougalas

A total of 6.9 million euros was donated by the state to parties and their youth organizations in 2021. 

In a report published by the General Accounting Office of the Republic, the state was said to have donated 6.57 million euros to political parties and 312,000 euros to their specific youth organizations.  The state's accounting office is obliged to publish data on sponsorships and donations made by the state to individuals and legal entities that exceed five (5) thousand euros.

According to the data, the state gave 1.83 million euros to the DISY party, to the Council of Europe, to AKEL in the amount of 1.62 million euros, to the Democratic Party in the amount of 970.7 thousand euros.  They also gave 491.5 thousand euros to EDEK, 475.5 thousand euros to the Citizens' Alliance, 430.6 thousand euros to the Solidarity Movement Party, 410.5 thousand euros to the Environmentalist Movement and 341.2 thousand euros to ELAM.

The state also subsidized the Youth Organizations of these parties to the tune of 312,000 euros, specifically, 85 thousand euros to NEDISY, 73 thousand euros to EDON, 45 thousand euros to NEDIK, 24 thousand euros to EDEK Youths, 24 thousand euros to the Citizens' Alliance Youths, 22 thousand euros to the youth of Solidarity, 21 thousand euros to the youth of Ecologists and 18 thousand euros to ELAM's Youth organization.

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