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Third senior citizen dies on the road

Elderly man on motorized wheelchair killed in Nicosia collision, third road fatality in two days


An elderly man on a power wheelchair was killed in a road accident on Saturday, marking the third fatality of a senior citizen in Nicosia in the last two days.

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According to local media, 69-year-old Michalis Sevastides was fatally injured on Saturday morning around 11am, after he was struck by an oncoming vehicle on Constantinoupoleos Street in Kaimakli, eastern Nicosia.

Reports said Sevastides was riding a motorized wheelchair at the time of the incident, when he was struck by a moving car.

An ambulance rushed the injured man to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

No information regarding the circumstances of the collision were immediately known, while police reportedly administered a Brethalyzer test on the car driver with zero indication for alcohol consumption.

Sevastides’ death is the third fatality in a row over the last two days. An elderly woman was killed Friday morning when her grandson’s vehicle collided with another car on a rural highway, while hours later an elderly man lost his life after his car veered off course and fell into a ditch, trapping him inside for an unknown amount of time.

All three fatalities took place in Nicosia district.

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