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Thousands of migrants cross into Texas as pandemic-era border restrictions lifted

Border authorities brace for potential influx of asylum seekers under new policy and asylum restrictions

Thousands of migrants have attempted to cross the border into the United States after the lifting of pandemic-era restrictions under Title 42.

According to a report from NBC News, dozens of migrants have already been transported for processing on buses and Border Patrol vans, with Homeland Security officials predicting up to 10,000 migrants will try to cross the border each day.

Under Title 8, which has now replaced Title 42, more people will be able to seek asylum but may face punishments such as a potential 5-year bar and criminal prosecution for repeatedly attempting to enter the US illegally.

New asylum restrictions have also been implemented, making migrants ineligible for asylum unless they use existing legal processes, present at a port of entry using the online CBP One app, or have been rejected for asylum in a third country through which they traveled.

Migrant Support Services Centers are scaling up their capacity to process migrants, but the full impact of the policy change remains to be seen.

Source: NBC News.  Read the full story here.

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