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Three arrested after passport control incident

Police say man’s face did not match passport photo, woman accused of disturbing the peace at Larnaca airport


Three people have been arrested at Larnaca airport, with police saying a man's passport photo did not match his facial characteristics while a woman was accused of unruly behaviour.

According to police, two passengers attempted to travel to a European destination on Monday when they attempted to go through Immigration Inspection at Larnaca International Airport.

During inspection, a 29-year-old man presented a German passport to the immigration officer, with police saying the official believed that the facial features in the photograph did not match those of the traveler in-person.

Police said the passenger started raising his voice while the woman, who was traveling with him, also got upset and started raising her voice

Police said the male passenger, whose identity was being doubted, started raising his voice while a 50-year-old woman, who was traveling with the man, also got upset and started raising her voice.

A third person, aged 20, who appeared to have accompanied the two travelers, was also approached by officers at the airport.

Two suspects were holders of German passports while the other had a Congolese passport according to sources.

Police told Knews only one passport was brought into question by the officers while all three suspects were detained on conspiracy charges, identity fraud, disturbing the peace, and accessory to smuggling.

It was not established how many of the suspects were planning to board the plane, with Knews understanding at least two attempted to go through passport control.

Police say man’s facial characteristics did not match European passport photo, woman fellow traveler accused of disturbing the peace at Larnaca airport

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