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Three brothers arrested in Limassol murder

Police arrested three local brothers, one underage, the two others reportedly confessed crime


Three brothers have been arrested in connection with Sunday’s murder in Limassol, including a sibling who is not of legal age.

According to police, three male brothers from Limassol aged 28, 19, and 16 were detained on Wednesday evening in connection with the murder of 44-year-old Christos Michail from Dora, who was shot dead inside his vehicle.

Preliminary reports point to a robbery as a possible motive while one of the suspects was identified as the person who sought a meeting with Michail.

The three suspects were scheduled to appear before a Limassol District Court judge on Thursday morning. Charges include premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit a felony, attempted robbery, theft of a mobile phone, illegal possession and transport of a firearm as well as explosives.

The two older brothers have reportedly confessed to the crimes.

According to forensic pathology experts, Michail had three gunshot wounds, two in the chest and one in the neck. Previously, Michail, a father of two, had been arrested back in January 2017 on drug charges, after cops found illegal cocaine in his possession.

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