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Three more coronavirus patients die, 289 new cases detected

Cyprus hospitals are currently treating a total of 111 coronavirus patients, 17 of which are in critical condition


Health authorities announced three coronavirus fatalities and 289 new cases on Friday, raising the coronavirus death toll to 57 and total cases detected to 11,812.

The coronavirus fatalities involved an 84-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man, both of whom were receiving treatment at the Nicosia general hospital ICU, and a 94-year-old woman who was receiving treatment at the Limassol general hospital. The 78-year-old man did not suffer from underlying health conditions, though his death, as well as the death of the two women, was fully attributed to the virus.

Meanwhile, 289 cases were detected on Friday after 9,562 tests were conducted, 3,848 of which were PCR tests and 5,714 were rapid antigen tests.

56 of Friday’s cases involve people who had previously tested positive to rapid tests, and whose infection was confirmed by a PCR test.

Of the 289 cases detected through PCR tests, 90 were contacts, 110 were people who took the initiative to get tested, 20 were people who got tested at general hospitals, and seven were detected through the program testing school staff and students.

An additional four cases were detected through the round of tests targeting the residents of Kato Pyrgos, while two more were people who got tested either as part of special health groups or upon the referral of their GP.

The 5,714 rapid tests found 176 positive cases, though these must still be confirmed through a PCR test.

Cyprus hospitals are currently treating a total of 111 coronavirus patients, 17 of which are in critical condition.

60 patients are in the Famagusta general hospital, four of which are in the ICU. The Nicosia general hospital is also treating 23 patients, 13 of which are in the ICU where 11 are intubated. 20 more coronavirus patients are at the Limassol general hospital, while three more are at the Makario hospital in Nicosia. An additional five coronavirus patients are at the Athalassa mental hospital.

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