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Ticket prices to Athens and Thessaloniki are skyrocketing for the 3 day weekend

Increased demand and increased costs for 2022's final holiday weekend

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

According to the Association of Travel Agents, travel demand has returned to 2019 levels, which is evidenced by the weekend of October 28.

The fact that Friday is an official holiday seems to have added to the motivation for a quick trip outside of Cyprus, especially to Athens and Thessaloniki, which typically attract the majority of the Cypriot public during this time of year.

Airline ticket prices are rising in tandem with demand.

This was discovered while searching for an air ticket for this specific three-day period on various air ticket booking platforms.

Indicatively, the lowest ticket price for a flight from Larnaca airport to Athens from October 27-30 is 271 euros with a combination of airlines. Using a different travel platform, we discover that prices start at 348.19 euros and increase depending on the airline, departure/arrival time, stopovers, and so on.

Those traveling to Athens two weeks earlier, on Thursday-Sunday, October 13-16, will find much cheaper options, with ticket prices starting at 168 euros.

Flights to Thessaloniki start at 209 euros for a direct flight or 97 euros with a stopover and a travel time of 10 hours and 10 minutes. Prices naturally increase for the October 28 weekend, starting at 260 euros and rising to over 500 euros for the majority of options.

Despite the price increases, demand remains high, prompting airlines to add extra flights for this period in order to satisfy the traveling public.

Those who planned ahead of time, on the other hand, were able to find a ticket at a lower price.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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