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36.5% increase of 'permanent residents' in the occupied areas since 2011

The number of permanent residents in the occupied territories increased to 104,488

Source: CNA

The online newspaper Ozyur Gazette reports, under the headline "Along with cultural erosion, the demographic structure is changing from day to day," that the number of people permanently residing in occupied territories has increased by 36.5 percent in ten years.

According to data published by the occupation regime's "statistical agency" in its "population and demography bulletin," the number of permanent residents in the occupied territories increased to 104,488, a 36.5 percent increase since the last "population census" in 2011.

The publication stated that "the demographic structure is changing from day to day along with the cultural erosion that makes itself evident with each passing day due to the unchecked and uninspected entry through the country's border gates, the citizenships given by means and by the grace of votes and Turkish Cypriots forced to migrate to the south or abroad for economic reasons,"

According to the data in the bulletin released by the "statistical office" the day before yesterday, the population of the occupied territories (de jure) increased from 286,257 in 2011 to 390,745 by the end of 2021.

New births in the occupied territories during the same period totaled 38,095, up from 104,488 people, or a 36.50 percent increase. The publication reported that 12,597 people passed away during the same time period and that, when this number is taken out, 25,498 people are left, which is insufficient to account for the 104,488-person increase.

There are 78 people left after subtracting the 25,498 people from the 104,488 people, which represents an increase in the number of permanent residents in the occupied territories. Of the 990 people, it is unclear how many were given "citizenship," how many were given through marriage, how many were given after completing the "legal period" of residence, how many were given by "cabinet decision," and how many are for people under the age of 18.

According to the data available up to 1996, the percentages of men and women were close to each other, the publication said, noting that women made up 50.4 percent of the population in 1995 and men 49.6 percent. In the first comprehensive "population census" conducted in 1996, the ratio began to change and the number of men increased compared to that of women, rising to 52.8 percent of the population compared to 47.2 percent for women.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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