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Cyprus's first step toward rail and tram transportation

The European Commissioner for Transport was briefed on the prospects for a railway in Cyprus.

Source: CNA

On the occasion of her visit to the island for the Cyprus Maritime Cyprus 2022 conference, European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Valean, raised for the first time the issue of the creation of a railway in Cyprus and the prospects of co-financing it.

According to Transport Minister Yannis Karousos, who spoke at a press conference following a joint meeting with Mrs. Valean and Deputy Minister of Shipping Vassilis Demetriades, this is the first time the issue of building a railway and tramway in Cyprus has been raised at such a high level.

"We know that a light railway can connect Cyprus's major cities and the airport thanks to studies and some excellent preliminary work", he said, adding that "we will also discuss ways of co-financing this project because now we have to take steps forward."

He went on to say that this project is the next step in resolving the traffic congestion and high cost of travel caused by the rising cost of energy, and that "based on the studies we have, it can be installed within the highway network we have."

Karousos said today that "the door has been opened, we have taken the first step, and of course we will do everything now to promote and secure the necessary co-financing from various European funds that are currently available."

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