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Tornado causes damages in rural Nicosia

Supercell thunderstorms wreak havoc in parts of Cyprus during extreme weather phenomena


A tornado was sighted in Nicosia district on Monday, with reports saying extreme weather phenomena were popping up across the island including golf ball sized hail. 

According to Kitas Weather, supercell thunderstorms were popping up in parts of Cyprus, including Nikitari village in Nicosia district, where a tornado was spotted.

There were reports of golf ball sized hail along with property damages, after a tornado struck Nikitari in the morning, blowing away solar panels, water tanks, and rood tiles.

A post on social media by Kitas Weather spoke of supercell thunderstorms, which include mesocyclones, known for their deep and persistently rotating updraft.

Nearby villages were also hit by similar phenomena, with reports saying there were fallen trees, overturned cars, and power outages.

A yellow warning for possible flooding problems went into effect Monday morning and was expected to last until the afternoon at 4pm.


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