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Tourists arrested after hotel worker’s ear bitten off

Three British tourists arrested at LCA departure gate following incident at hotel's swimming pool in Ayia Napa


A hotel worker in Ayia Napa had to undergo ear surgery following an altercation on Sunday morning, with police arresting three young males as they were getting ready to board a flight at Larnaca airport.

Police said two men aged 47 and 36 filed a complaint on Sunday early morning, around 3am, saying they were attacked by three young males half an hour earlier.

According to the complaint, the two victims were first attacked in a public street outside a club around 2:30am, with a follow up assault taking place moments later at the swimming pool of a hotel, where the three suspects had been staying.

The two victims said they were first attacked in a public street outside a club, with a follow up assault taking place at the swimming pool of the hotel where the suspects had been staying

Knews has learned that the 47-year-old, a Greek Cypriot who worked at the same hotel, suffered an unspecified ear injury while local media suggested he had his ear ripped off during the incident.

The victim reportedly suffered lacerations to his left ear but it was not fully clear whether any pieces were severed. An official report said both men were treated at Famagusta General Hospital while the 47-year-old was referred to a surgeon for a reattachment-related procedure.

Later on Sunday evening immigration police officers at Larnaca International Airport detained three British nationals aged 19, 24, and 25 on arrest warrants in connection with aggravated assault charges in the case, with reports suggesting the three outbound travelers had been staying at the hotel where the incident took place.

It was also not clear what might have preceded the incident but local media said the men were being too loud and the victim told them to keep quiet.

A local judge on Monday ordered the three suspects remanded in custody for eight days, while an investigation is being carried out by CID Famagusta.

Story has been updated with identity information about alleged victim and perpetrators

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