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Tragic turn for infant found unconscious in Larnaca nursery

Infant's autopsy found the 'shaking baby syndrome' as the cause of death


In a heart-wrenching incident, police are actively gathering statements from both the family and the nursery in the Larnaca district where a five-month-old infant was discovered unconscious, losing the battle for life on December 29.

Christos Andreou, spokesperson for the Police Headquarters, revealed that preliminary findings from the infant's autopsy on December 30 suggest the cause of death as the well-known "shaking baby syndrome." However, awaiting the coroner's report and various laboratory test results will provide a clearer understanding of the circumstances leading to the infant's tragic demise.

Andreou emphasized the complexity of the case, indicating ongoing investigations into whether the violent shaking was the immediate cause of death and when it occurred in relation to the infant being found unconscious. The Larnaca CID is treating the case as an unnatural death, recognizing its unique challenges while drawing parallels with a past conviction involving a similar syndrome.

The extensive autopsy conducted at Nicosia General Hospital revealed a central nervous system injury, prompting further investigation pending additional tests. The infant had been hospitalized since December 27, following health issues experienced while at a Larnaca district nursery.

On the afternoon of December 27, authorities were alerted to the infant's health problem at the municipality's nursery in Athienou. Despite immediate medical attention and transportation to Makarios Hospital, the severity of the condition led to the tragic loss of the infant's life on December 29.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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