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Turkish drillship Yavuz withdraws from Karpasia peninsula

The vessel moved to the Turkish port of Tasucu

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The Turkish drillship Yavuz has withdrawn from the coastal waters off Cyprus, just south of the Karpasia (Kaspas) peninsula where it had aimed to prospect for hydrocarbons, it emerged on Tuesday.

The vessel moved to the Turkish port of Tasucu and is now located opposite the Karpasia peninsula for reasons that remained unclear.

After arriving at the Karpasia peninsula on July 8, the Yavuz had been destined to start drilling. However no such activities appear to have been carried out in the region.

Ankara has rebuffed reports that the intended drilling operation ran into problems.

Meanwhile officials in Nicosia told Kathimerini Cyprus that they are monitoring developments.

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