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Turkish fugitive arrested in Paphos

Jealous arsonist with murder convictions and two escapes under his belt is caught again


A Turkish fugitive, who managed to break free twice in the past, was arrested a third time, this time in Paphos.

The man, 45-year-old Yilmaz Gumus, was arrested by police after they received information he went to Peyia and rented a holiday home to spend the night.

Gumus was arrested along with a Turkish Cypriot male, both of whom were found to have a small quantity of cannabis and some forged documents.

Turkish authorities were looking for him after he escaped in 2015. He had reportedly sought medical care while in custody and managed to run away.

Gumus had set a place on fire in north London after he suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him

His whereabouts for the last three years are not yet known. WHen he came to Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot police arrested Gumus in early May on illegal entry charges. But the resourceful felon reportedly told authorities he needed medical care and was taken to a hospital in Kyrenia where he executed his escape plan on May 8.

He is then believed to have crossed over from the northern part, which is not a recognised state, into the south, the Repuclic of Cyprus. 

Gumus got three life sentences back in the UK, after he was convicted on arson and murder charges.

According to the BBC, he had set a place on fire in Stoke Newington, north London, after he suspected his girlfriend, Monika Pawlowska, was cheating on him.

But Pawlowska had moved way, and instead, three other people were killed in the fire.

Gumus, who must serve at least 16 years before he can be eligible fo parole, has denied pouring petrol into the stairwell of the building.

But the judge in the 2003 case said Gumus was “in a state of unreasonable and unjustified jealousy."

Gumus’ arrest by Republic of Cyprus authorities comes at a time during an ongoing sweep operation in the south, where a number of known criminals were taken into custody in an effort to combat organised crime.

It was not immediately clear whether Gumus and his accomplice had any help from criminal elements in the south.

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