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Two suspects apprehended in Larnaca, handed over to occupation authorities

Authorities unravel a web of deceit as suspects are captured and handed over to occupation forces


Cyprus authorities have apprehended three individuals aged 46, 37, and 47, shedding light on a case involving the abduction, kidnapping, and murder of Aicha Alav and two Cameroonian suspects. The incident occurred in occupied Nicosia on December 22, 2023.

The trio, acting independently, devised a trap to capture the suspects, subsequently delivering them to the occupying authorities without notifying Cypriot officials. One of the arrestees, Hussein Demirel, a Turkish Cypriot resident of Larnaca, provided a confession to the Turkish Cypriot website 'GIYNIK,' detailing their actions.

According to Demirel, he had been in communication with the Cameroonian suspects for ten days, falsely promising assistance for their illegal departure from the country. He discovered their involvement in a murder during this period. The suspects were residing at the residence of a Cameroonian man in Nicosia linked to migrant trafficking.

Hussein claimed that the suspects, accompanied by at least 10 people, expressed a desire to travel to Egypt. Gaining their trust, he took them to Larnaca under the pretense of facilitating their escape abroad. With the assistance of friends, he immobilized and handed them over to the occupation authorities near the village of Pergamos. A reward was offered by Aicha Alav's husband for anyone aiding in the arrest of the suspects.

Upon discovering a video of the suspects' surrender to the authorities of the pseudo-state, where Greek was spoken, Cypriot authorities initiated an immediate investigation. The video was posted by Hussein Demirel.

The other two arrestees, Greek Cypriots, are currently under intensive investigation. Further arrests are not ruled out in connection with the case.

The three suspects face charges including conspiracy to commit a felony, conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, kidnapping, abduction, or deprivation of liberty for secret and unjust confinement, possession/carrying handcuffs without a license, participation in a criminal organization, and participation in and acceptance of the commission of crimes.

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