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Cold spell expected to hit Greece by Saturday

Low temperatures forecasted for Wednesday with a more pronounced cold front anticipated on Saturday; areas in Attica and northern Greece

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

With low temperatures on Wednesday, a new cold spell will peak on Saturday without many extreme phenomena, according to meteorologists.

In Attica, cloud cover is anticipated primarily in the north, accompanied by light rain and some snowfall in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. North winds are expected to reach 7 Beaufort, and temperatures will fluctuate between 2-11 degrees Celsius.

In more detail, on Wednesday in eastern Thessaly, the eastern mainland region, Evia, locally in the Aegean Sea and Crete there will be some showers and a little snow, mainly in the mountains and semi-mountainous regions. The rest of the country will have plenty of sunshine. Winds in the Ionian Sea will blow east up to 5 Beaufort and north in the Aegean up to 8 Beaufort with slight weakening. The temperature at noon will reach 7 degrees Celsius in the central and northern parts, up to 13-14 degrees in the rest, with heavy morning frost in the north.

In Thessaloniki in northern Greece, there will be a few clouds and northerly winds up to 5 Beaufort. The temperature will range from 0 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Western Macedonia is “dressed in white” after heavy snowfalls. The same in Ptolemaida and Florina, where in Florina schools will be closed on Thursday, while in the municipality of Prespa, students have been asked to arrive one hour later.

Thursday is expected to be cloudy with afternoon showers in the west. South winds up to 5 Beaufort are anticipated in the Ionian Sea, while north winds up to 7 Beaufort are expected in the Aegean. Temperatures are not expected to change significantly.

High alert

Authorities are on high alert to address any issues arising from severe weather conditions.

In Attica, the Traffic Police have instructed the suspension of traffic on Parnitha Avenue due to snowfall. Specifically, cars are prohibited from proceeding beyond the cable cars in the Acharnon area. Regional governor Nikos Hardalias said authorities are prepared to provide necessary assistance in areas affected by adverse weather conditions.

Due to adverse weather conditions and high Beaufort winds at sea, ships will remain docked in all ports across the country. Until further notice, a ban on sailing will be in effect in Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrio, Argosaronikos and Crete.

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