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Seven drones shot down in major Red Sea battle

UK and US forces unite to repel massive Houthi attack


In a high-stakes operation, a British warship thwarted seven drones launched by Iranian-backed Houthi fighters in the Red Sea.

According to a Sky News report, collaborating with US forces, including warplanes and warships, the mission successfully repelled the largest drone and missile attack recorded.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps revealed the imminent threat to HMS Diamond, a UK Type 45 destroyer, deployed to safeguard regional shipping.

The operation, involving Sea Viper missiles and guns, neutralized multiple attack drones targeting Diamond and commercial vessels, ensuring no injuries or damage.

Shapps emphasized the collective stance against such illegal attacks, warning of consequences for the Houthi perpetrators.

The UK, alongside allies, remains committed to protecting innocent lives and the global economy, underscoring the severity of continued aggression.

This incident marks the 26th Houthi attack on commercial shipping since November 19, according to US reports.

The Iranian-backed Houthis claim their actions aim to halt the air and ground offensive on the Gaza Strip following October 7 attacks by Hamas.

As part of a US-led coalition, nations patrol the Red Sea to prevent further attacks. The United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations (UKMTO) acknowledged an attack off Yemen's Hodeida port, with eyewitnesses describing missiles and drones. US-allied warships in the area urgently advised vessels to proceed at maximum speed.

This assault precedes a United Nations Security Council vote, scheduled for Wednesday, to potentially condemn and demand an immediate halt to rebel attacks, heightening international concern over the escalating situation in the region.

[With information sourced from Sky News]

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