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UN-led efforts prompt Britain's Cyprus diplomatic push

Inside Britain's diplomatic gambit in Cyprus crisis


Amid the political tremors sparked in Nicosia by Irphan Siddiq's interview with "K" magazine, Britain ventures into the Cyprus conundrum by assembling a robust diplomatic unit at the Foreign Office.

This move comes as UN Secretary-General Maria Angela Olguin Quegiár's efforts intensify towards finding common ground and reigniting negotiations.

The Cyprus team at the Foreign Office will comprise two seasoned individuals well-versed in Cypriot affairs. Ambassador Jonathan Allen, a close aide to Lord David Haney during the Annan Plan negotiations, heralds the era of "parthenogenesis."

Alongside him is Ajay Sharma, the architect of "British ideas" in 2022, whose proposal for legitimizing the illegal Tympou airport stirred controversy within the Greek Cypriot community. Sharma's initiative lacked assurances for Nicosia, notably overlooking the return of the enclosed Famagusta.

As tensions simmer, Britain's diplomatic initiative underscores the complexities underlying the Cyprus issue, further entrenching its commitment to fostering dialogue and resolution in the region.

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