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Unpredictable conditions ahead

Thunderstorms threaten weekend plans


The atmospheric drama unfolds over the Mediterranean, Cyprus finds itself under the influence of a weak low-pressure area. In this comprehensive weather update, we will dive into the forecast for Cyprus, keeping residents and visitors informed about the ever-changing conditions.

Today: The day will commence with mostly clear conditions. However, during the afternoon and evening, localized cloud cover is projected to bring isolated showers or thunderstorms to the island's mountainous terrain and the eastern half. Occasional dust particles may be present in the atmosphere.

Winds will initially be variable and weak, at 3 Beaufort, before gradually transitioning to mainly southwesterly to northwesterly, with winds ranging from weak to moderate, occasionally becoming strong at 4 to 5 Beaufort in the southwest during the afternoon. Sea conditions will be mildly turbulent.

Temperatures will vary, reaching approximately 35 degrees Celsius inland, 33 degrees in the southeast and east coasts, 30 degrees on the northern coasts, 32 degrees on the remaining coasts, and a cooler 26 degrees Celsius in the higher mountainous regions.

Tonight: Cyprus can look forward to a mostly clear night. Winds will predominantly blow from the northwest, at weak to moderate speeds of 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will remain slightly rough. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 21 degrees Celsius inland, about 23 degrees on the coasts, and a chillier 16 degrees Celsius in the higher mountain areas.

As we move further into the week, the weather outlook for Cyprus remains dynamic. On Friday, we anticipate generally clear conditions, but later in the afternoon, increased cloud cover may bring isolated showers, primarily to southeastern areas.

Saturday could see heightened cloudiness with isolated showers, especially in western regions. By Sunday, localized showers and isolated thunderstorms might make an appearance.

Temperature-wise, expect a gradual decline over the next few days, with conditions hovering near or slightly below the average climatological values by Sunday.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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