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Unpredictable Tuesday showers and gradual clearing ahead

Stay informed as unstable conditions sweep in, followed by clearer skies and rising temperatures


Unstable weather conditions are anticipated for today, Tuesday, September 12th, with the possibility of isolated showers or thunderstorms across the region. This unsettled weather is influenced by a weak low-pressure system, according to the latest forecast from the Met Office.

The daytime temperatures are expected to reach around 32 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 30 degrees Celsius along the west and east coasts, roughly 33 degrees Celsius along the rest of the coast, and around 23 degrees Celsius in the higher mountain areas.

The weather throughout the day is predicted to be predominantly cloudy with medium to high cloud cover. Isolated showers or thunderstorms are likely, especially during the earlier hours. As the day progresses, conditions are expected to improve, leading to mainly clear skies by late afternoon.

Winds will predominantly blow from the northwest to northeast directions, occasionally varying in strength from light to moderate, ranging between 3 to 4 Beaufort.

The sea is expected to be generally a bit rough.

For the night ahead, the weather is forecasted to be mostly clear. Winds will shift towards the northwest to north directions and will remain light to moderate in some areas, typically ranging between 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions will vary, with a little choppy sea expected off the west and north coasts and calm to slightly choppy waters along the rest of the coast.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the weather is expected to be mostly clear. Temperatures will gradually rise over these three days, hovering slightly above the average climatic values for this time of the year.

Stay updated for further weather developments, and take appropriate precautions if you plan to be outdoors during the day.

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