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Unveiling the hidden: A moving exhibition exposes the treatment of animals

Behind closed doors, revealing the truth and inspiring change at Piraeus metro station

An eye-opening exhibition at the Piraeus Metro station sheds light on the treatment of animals, revealing the hidden reality behind closed doors. Organized by A Promise to Animals and STOP, the "Hidden" photo exhibition showcases the powerful images captured by renowned photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur and others. The thought-provoking display exposes the way humans interact with domestic animals and exposes the secrets that lie within the places they call home.

For over two decades, Jo-Anne McArthur has dedicated herself to documenting animal life, resulting in three remarkable books: "We Animals," "Captive," and "HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene." Recognized with prestigious awards such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer of the Year, and the World Peace Photography Award, McArthur's work can be accessed freely through the WeAnimals Media website.2 8

Visitors to the "Piraeus" Metro station will be pleasantly surprised by the "Hidden" exhibition, running until June 13th. A collaboration between A Promise to Animals, STASY, and Jo-Anne McArthur, the display delves into the intricate relationship between humans and animals, shedding light on the often overlooked aspects of their mistreatment.3 13

Drawing inspiration from McArthur's book of the same name, the exhibition showcases captivating works by the photographer and her collaborators from around the world. Its purpose is to educate the public about the grim realities of animal exploitation and abuse that often go unnoticed, while simultaneously raising awareness about animal welfare.4 11

A Promise to Animals, a nonprofit organization, strives to put an end to all forms of animal exploitation and promotes veganism as a compassionate way of life.5 12

Erietta Kourkoulos Latsis, the founder and president of A Promise to Animals, shared her deep affection for animals during the 5th Marie Claire Power Trip. She expressed, "I don't know where it came from, it's not a family trait! I was simply born with this love, this empathy that extends beyond humans to animals. When you open your heart and can imagine yourself in someone else's shoes, it's a natural progression. Just as I can empathize with a woman struggling with infertility, I can also empathize with voiceless animals who lack the means to defend themselves."1 15

[With information from Greek City Times]

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