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US Coast Guard unsure about missing sub's rescue prospects

Concerns rise as search efforts Iintensify for the stranded submersible and Its passengers

Source: Daily Mail

The US Coast Guard has given the bleak warning that it may not be able to rescue the missing Titanic tourist sub even if it is able to find it.

The Titan submersible has been missing since 9.45 am on Sunday morning after being launched into the Atlantic at 8 am.

There are five people onboard including three wealthy tourists.

At a press conference at the US Coast Guard Station in Boston - which is coordinating the search and rescue effort - First District Response Coordinator Capt. Jamie Frederick said it was not certain the sub could be saved.

'I don't know the answer to that question... what I will tell you is we will do everything in our power to effect a rescue.

'If the remote-operated vehicles find something, it's going to depend on what they find. What steps need to be taken next. That is for the experts to take a look at.'

The 21ft sub has now been unaccounted for for more than two days and its oxygen supply is now at just 40 hours for the five people on board.

While the US and Canadian Coast Guards and Navy scramble to locate the sub, officials today warned at a press conference that they may not be able to rescue those inside even if they find it.

At 12,500ft underwater, there are few vessels able to dive deeply enough to find it. The only ones able to search the ocean floor are remotely operated vehicles.

They are on their way to the site now.

If they find the sub, getting it to the surface is another feat entirely, requiring specialist equipment that is not yet on-site.

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