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All-Day school program sees gradual expansion in primary education

Almost 220 schools catering to over 7,000 children in Cyprus

Source: Kathimerini

The Minister of Education, Sports, and Youth, Athina Michaelidou, highlighted the well-known significance and value of full-day schools for education and society as a whole. Speaking at a conference organized by the Larnaca Federation of Primary Education Parents' Associations, Michaelidou emphasized the benefits of all-day schools for children's development and the convenience they offer working parents. She stated that the gradual expansion of the all-day school system, based on specific criteria, aims for its universal implementation in primary education and pilot implementation in secondary education.

The Minister emphasized that the operation of full-day schools is a response to societal needs and modern lifestyles. Starting as a pilot program in nine primary schools in the 1999-2000 school year, it has now grown to include 220 all-day schools, serving over 7,000 children, including primary schools, kindergartens, and special schools. This growth reflects the increasing demands of society and the continuous expansion of the institution.

Michaelidou underscored the importance of the Optional Full Day School program, which includes various activities such as feeding the children, completing homework, and offering subjects like English, Computers, Art, Drama, Dance, and Music. The aim is to enrich these subjects and provide children with additional opportunities to develop their talents, socialize with peers, and experience a joyful and creative learning environment.

Creating comfortable and organized learning environments in all-day schools is a key objective for the Ministry of Education. The Minister emphasized the need for integration between morning and all-day schools at both the pedagogical and administrative levels. She also highlighted the importance of an analytical program for day school lessons and activities, administrative support and evaluation, and well-informed and trained teachers.

Regarding the President's Governance Program, Michaelidou stressed that the gradual expansion of the all-day school system aligns with its objectives. She acknowledged the valuable contribution of the Parents' Associations in supporting the institution, particularly in terms of student feeding programs. The Minister called for constructive cooperation among the Ministry, parents, and guardians to implement necessary improvements and achieve a successful full-day school experience.

In conclusion, Michaelidou expressed her commitment to resuming dialogue with all stakeholders involved in children's education to ensure progress and enhancements in all areas of the full-day school system.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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